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  • Who makes the quilts?
    The quilts are made by a local community of quilters. Most of these quilts will be done by one quilter, but others can have up to five quilters working from start to finnish. Each project is designed from scratch and no two quilts are alike.
  • How are the quilts made?
    Crypto Quilts are designed from scratch and 100% made by hand. Depending on the size of the quilt the block piecing is done by machine.
  • What are the quilts made of?
    It depends on each quilt, but the focus is 100% cotton materials. Material is locally sourced when possible.
  • Can I request a custom quilt?
    Yes! Crypto Quilts is focused on designing and building cryptocurrnecy related quilts, but upon request custom orders for any design of quilt can be done. Minimum commision price $1,000.
  • How to care for quilts?
    Preferred washing is by hand. If you must machine wash use a gentle cycle and cold water. Do not use machine dryer. Lay flat to dry.
  • Where to display quilts?
    Like all fine artwork display out of direct sunlight. Displaying quilts comes down to personal prference. All quilts can be hung on walls and while larger quilts are designed for beds.
  • What payment options do you take?
    Cryptocurrency only. The focus of Crypto Quilts is to bring awarness to cryptocurrency and quilters. Let's change the world together one transaction and stich at a time.
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